RoadTrip Checklist

Most commonly asked questions on Mainstay Office.

1. Can I put another date other than date of birth in the D.O.B. field?
A. Yes. Whenever you have an entry where you need reminding each year, such as to service the furnace/boiler, you can put the date of the last event in this field in the suppliers address entry and you will be reminded each year for evermore, one week in advance in yellow, and then three days in advance the warning turns red. After the event date the warning disappears.

2. When I press the refresh button on a bank account statement to update balances, entries after a certain point don't update?
A. Go to the Journal button on the financial switchboard and look in the journal for an empty line with no data that you have created by mistake somehow. Click in the left margin to highlight the line, then delete it. The automatic error handling function stops calculating if it finds one of these empty lines, rather than crashing the programme.

3. What is the lock for on the 'Name' field?
A. When you go to a new address record the cursor goes for convenience to the 'Name' field. There is a danger however that you might delete the entry by mistake, and as searches are conducted using the 'Name' field, the entry would be lost. As a result it is preferable to have to positively unlock the 'Name' field in order to edit the entry.

4. What is the ownership field for on the stocks and shares entry form.
A. This enables you to separate the shares between other members of your family for instance. When you click the share transactions button on the print-out switchboard, you are asked for the ownership. Only those transactions belonging to the specified owner will be printed. This is useful for tax returns. Most people type their initials or leave the default 'My shares' in this field.

5. How do I transfer the database to another computer.
A. This database has an advantage in the ease of transferring all the information to another computer owned by you, even if it has a different Windows operating system. The Mainhold.... file contains all of your personal data. Simply install the database in the other computer and then copy the file mainhold, mainhold2008 or Mainhold2011 to the other computer by whatever system you have for copying files across between the two machines.